Create a QR Code

Creating a QR Code is simple and easy. In only five steps, you will obtain a fully customised QR Code without validity nor scans limitations.

Go into our QR Code app, and click Create a QR Code.

QR Codes types and actions

In the Type box, top left of the generator:

  • Select a type: You can choose between static, dynamic and dynamic pro types.

  • Select an action: URL, Text, Email, SMS, ... select the QR Code fitting your needs.

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Static QR Codes cannot be modified after their publishing. Learn more by reading the QR Code Types documentation page.

Register and validate QR Code content

Save the needed content for your QR Code and then click Send. Every field must be filled with its appropriate content.

To read more, report to QR Codes actions.

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Visually customise your QR Code

A wide range of customisation tools are at your disposal. Color, logo, style... our QR Codes are fully customisable.

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Save and publish your QR Code

  • Click on Save and Publish.

  • Within the new menu, name your QR Code and click Publish.

  • You will be redirected to the QR Code information page.

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The save and publish button is greyed?

It means that the SUBMIT button hasn't been clicked yet, or that registered content data is inappropriate.

Download a QR Code from its info page

  • Click on Download in the left menu.

  • Within the new menu, click either Web optimized or Print optimized following the support intended.

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Your QR Code will be download on your device.

To go further

  • Custom short URLs on Dynamic QR Codes

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