Other actions - Dynamic type

Unitag offers each QR Codes type to be available as dynamic QR Codes. Then, a QR Code displaying a text, or allowing to call a number, display a location (etc.) now has a dynamic version at creation.

A dynamic version of those QR Codes allows you to modify the content of your QR Code at any time.

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It is necessary to mention that, often, those types of QR Codes are more convenient to use as static as they engage directly with the scanning device.

As an example, a static QR Code of type text can be read by a specific scanner which will directly interact with the text returned (i.e. a JSON format for an IOT device). A static QR Code of type location will directly be opened with the default user location app on his device.

A static QR Code cannot be changed once created. Then it is important to carefully plan ahead the use for the QR Code and the audience in order to pick the best QR Code resolution!

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