QR Codes Filters

With redirection filters, adapt QR Codes contents to your audience. Create smarter communication campaigns with targeted content.

Redirect by language: allows to use multiple URLs for different languages. At scan, QR Codes will identify the device's preferred language and redirect the user to matching content. If a language falls outside of your programmed filters, the default URL will be used.

Redirect by device: allows to use multiple links for different device types. At scan, QR Codes will redirect to the matching URL following the device used - useful to display app stores specific to certain devices. You'll be able to reach every type of public and offer them interactive experiences.

To add a filter to any QR Code:

  • Within the QR Code information page, click on Activate Filters, top of the Filters section.

  • Read carefully the first popup step, then click Next.

  • Select a redirection statement: Device for specific device (IOS, Android etc) redirection, or language for a specific language redirection.

  • Select a value in the new selection menu.

  • Click on Add statement to show the new statement in the list above, then click Next if finished. You can add many statements or delete them at will.

Unitag Docs Screenshot
  • Type the desired link then click Next. If the statement created is fulfilled, this URL will be shown to users.

Unitag Docs Screenshot
  • Click Generate filter: It will now appear within the Filters section.

Repeat the operation as many times as you need.

To delete any filter, click the Delete button on a row.

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